Last Updated - 14th Oct 2023


Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, we ship to all countries (apart from Israel and the below mentioned). All shipping deliveries are:

  • Tracked with Tracking Reference door-to-door
  • Provided with free insurance by Secursus

Please note that our workshop is currently experiencing a backlog. As a result, all orders will take 4 weeks to process. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Do you ship to Pakistan, Jordan and India? Do you charge customs?

We do not ship to Pakistan, India or Jordan as Border Control cannot be trusted. These countries are not supporting Sunnah Currency Gold. 

Do you accept orders over 1000 GBP?

Yes, you will need to verify your details via KYC - Know you customer. We will ask for your billing statements, proof of address and your ID. In some cases, video call and other cases we will require the bank statement last 4 digits that we send you. We take fraud very seriously and we reserve the right to cancel any order and withhold the the shipment and funds of ANY order as you wish.

Do you charge customs?

Custom duty, import tax and laws should be checked with your order country destination. Sunnah Currency Ltd is not responsible for custom charges.

Learn more about our delivery and shipment FAQs here.

Do you accept PayPal? What are the payment methods?

No, we no longer accept PayPal - we only accept Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Shopify Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Bitcoin and Ethereum. We actively recommend our customers and friends not to use PayPal if they care about their money.

For issues or adding more payment methods, email sales@sunnahcurrency.com

I placed an order but I did not get a certificate for my gold or silver? 

When placing an order you can add the option to have a laminated certificate with your gold or silver. All SC coins and bullion receive a secure hologram QR code regardless. Simply scan the code and you can then download a digital copy of your certificate.

For previous and older orders before the IMC QR codes were given - we will manually generate a Tayyib ID and Certificate Number for you and provide a digitally signed PDF on request for any coin or bar that you have placed with SC. Send this request to info@sunnahcurrency.com with your order number and the team will issue the certificate QR code.

Where is my order? 

After you have placed your order our fulfilment centre is notified. If we have the stock ready, we will ship immediately. In best cases if stock is not available, orders take between 4-5 weeks to fulfil. 

What are Amanah Coins and are they different to Dinar and Dirham?

Both coins are shariah compliant. Dinar and Dirham are from the Sunnah of Nabi ﷺ and follow the Islamic Monetary heritage. They are premium based and the best collectors investment.

Amanah coins are generic coins which are modern minted, priced according to market spot prices and good for normal investment. Dinar and Dirham will always be premium and historic. You can read more on the IMC page here.

How does SC create pricing as compared to the market rates of bullion, mint and precious metals as per market rate, read the following - "Why are your prices different?"

Only Dinar and Dirham coins are part of our heritage series. Heritage series are not priced against market rates and have a unique premium. Check out these informative articles on our precious metal pricing:

At SC, we take pride in our premium quality design, brand, and products. Our silver and gold are imported and pressed using custom machines, with meticulous detailing and dies incurring additional charges. Our products undergo rigorous testing by humans and machines, and are certified on the IMC blockchain, adhering to Islamic Shariah standards by the Islamic Monetary Council - IMC.

Unlike other mint companies that produce coins with Shirk idol designs or support non-Islamic principles such as LGBTQ+ or those Australian Mint companies that have been caught producing fake coins - we at SC are committed to offering products that align with our Muslim values. We aim to create a loyal brand following that provides true wealth preservation for the Ummah. We offer customisation services, bulk orders for weddings and large events, and are constantly investing in R&D.

Choose SC for your precious metal needs and invest in a quality product that you can trust. Also - nobody is selling Dinar and Dirham.

If SC has different prices for design and your following the IMC for pricing, how does this affect my zakat? How do I pay zakat on SC coins?

Zakat is paid normally, i.e - you base your Zakat on the total Gold and Silver weight that you have as per Nisaab. 

You don't have to pay Zakat of Garai (design, labour costs). Zakat is typically calculated based on the value of certain types of wealth, such as cash, gold, and other assets, after deducting any outstanding debts or expenses. However, labour costs associated with producing goods are generally not considered as part of the zakaat calculation.

Therefore, it is not necessary to pay zakat on the garai or design labour costs of gold jewellery. However, it is important to consult with a qualified Islamic scholar or authority to obtain guidance specific to your situation, as there may be variations in opinion on this matter among different schools of thought in Islam.

What is the striking process of SC for their mints and bars?

Sunnah Currency uses a 50T hydraulic press machine to produce the mints; With 3 strikes in total, one at the top side of our mint, one at bottom side of our mint and one on the edge of our mint, both the shiny/matte finishes are achieved during this striking process. The same process is applied to our bullion bars. 

What is the polish or finish applied to the gold and silver?

All coins and bars go through a unique polish and buffing process. This makes them "brilliant" in finish. We therefore do not recommend to hold or touch the gold or silver with your hands as fingertips can stain the work. All our entire range are completely pure gold and silver products without any alloy inside.

What are Dinar and Dirham?

A Dinar (gold) is a coin with a specific weight of 4.25 grams of gold. 
A Dirham (silver) a coin with is specific weight of 29.75g grams of silver.

The minting of the Dinar and Dirham into coins is the first step to bringing back a currency based on real wealth and value. Read more about Sunnah Money here. There are other Dinar and Dirham sizes too, read our coin size chart. Coin Size Table

Are Dinar and Dirham legal tender?

No, Dinar and Dirham are not legal tender. Legal tender is the currency imposed on us by your government. In Islam, we are free to choose our medium of exchange. The Dinar and Dirham are an alternative means of payment but their use is by no means an obligation on the people.

If they are not legal tender, can they be used as money?

Yes, they can be used as money on the basis of mutual consent. So long as both parties, the buyer and the seller, agree to the transaction there is no problem.

Are your coins CGT free?

Only Royal Mint Coins in the UK are free of CGT as they are considered Legal Tender. SC coins are commemorative and would likely be charged CGT at 10 per cent and 20 per cent to you (dependant on the total amount of your taxable income).

Are there denominations of Dinar and Dirham?

Yes, the Dinar and Dirham coins come in the following denominations.

Gold: ½ Dinar / 1 Dinar / 2 Dinars / 5 Dinars / 8 Dinars
Silver: 1 Dirham / 2 Dirhams / 5 Dirhams / 10 Dirhams / 20 Dirhams

Read more about Sunnah Money here. And see the Coin Size Table.

Are these denominations written on the coins?

Yes, depending on design. Both the denomination and the weight of the coin are specified on the face of the coin. E.g: 1 Dinar, 4.25 grams.; 2 Dinars, 8.5 grams.; etc. Read more about sunnah money.

What is the purity of the coins?

ALL coins and ALL bars are ALWAYS 24K.. All gold & silver that Sunnah Currency use as raw material before production is quality marked at .9999 - However, the finished coins will be from .999 to .9999

Due to the air, moisture and dust mix during processing.

Do you custom orders, design or bulk orders?

You can place custom design orders via our Islamic Minting Custom Bespoke Service. We do accept customisation for both gold dinar and silver dirham. 

Do you offer a discount on bulk orders?

We are regularly running campaigns so we suggest you subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social media to find out when these discounts happen.

Do you offer discounts to Scholars (Ulema) Darulooms, Madrasah, Hifz or Alimayah Islamic Studies Graduations?

We offer discounts and also offer exclusive custom coin orders. You can have a selected design, limited print of coins and offer these for students for example. This can be ordered through the bespoke service. Or if your a scholar or Hafiz and wish to get a discount of up to 10% from your order please contact us with your Ijaza and proof of scholarship.

What is the ruling of buying gold online? The Hadith which mentions "hand to hand"? Is this not Riba or Haraam?

Sunnah Currency coins are not considered legal tender by any stretch of the imagination [in the absence of a khalifa/bonafide Khilafah endorsing such as a legal tender] until such time unfortunately Sunnah Currency is sold as 'Commemorative mints/coins celebrating the edict of Umar Farook (r.a) in minting dinars & dirhams'

We have researched and got approval from the IMC Islamic Monetary Council and from our Ulema that gold and silver can be bought online. The moment you place a payment order with us - the gold is now in your ownership whereby it is immediately transported and "shipped" to your destination. Interest is not taking place so yes, you can buy gold coins and silver from SC online.






Do you do wholesale? Use Affiliates or distribution networks?

Yes we do wholesale and use distributors. If you're interested in being a distributor or wholesaler - even a brand ambassador, affiliate or country rep, click here.

What are the marks, milk like spots on my Silver Dirham? Or red spot on my gold Dinar?

First and foremost - this does not devalue the gold or silver. Please read about this and the treatment on our blog here.

As of 2023, this is no longer an issue on our new gold and silver due to a "brilliant" style finish of polish and master buffering creating a flawless finish.

Why do non-Muslims use them too?

All customers regardless of belief love our products! We have been serving the Jewish and Christian community since conception.. This is a currency for the people. As long as there is mutual consent between both parties, they can be traded anywhere and with anyone. The devaluation of paper money and inflation affect to all of us, Muslims and non-Muslims. Hence, all of us should fight against the imposition of a currency that makes our salaries and savings lose value over time.

Why use Dinar and Dirham instead of paper money?

Paper money only has value because it is based on legal compulsion. It has value because we are forced to use it. However, as the supply of paper money increases, it depreciates in monetary value. So while paper money is constantly losing value, the Dinar and Dirham are precious metals that store value. Using Dinar and Dirham promotes a stable currency and is a movement towards freeing people from usury.

Doesn't inflation affect Dinar and Dirham?

Over the ages, the prices of gold and silver have seen slight fluctuations due to the markets. However, in Roy.W. Jastrams book, 'The Golden Constant,' he explores the value of gold and how it has remained almost completely consistent over the centuries.

Isn't paper money backed by gold?

No, in August of 1971 President Nixon abolished the International Gold Standard making it the first time in history that currencies were not backed by gold. In December of that same year, the Smithsonian Agreement was signed in which countries agreed to appreciate their currencies against the United States Dollar. So every currency is not backed by gold but by U.S Dollars. And the U.S Dollar is backed by nothing.

Who accepts them?

All shops, businesses and services worldwide with SC stickers that reads "WE ACCEPT DINAR AND DIRHAM", allow payments and transactions using SC authenticated Dinar and Dirham in their establishments.

What are their other uses?

Apart from direct trading, Dinar and Dirham can be used to pay zakat, Mahr/Mehr, for savings or as gifts.

Is there enough gold in the world?

Yes, there is enough gold. Over the course of human history, a staggering 165,000 tonnes of gold has been mined which is a figure that is increasing daily. The scarcity of gold is what gives it its value. So its market price will forever fluctuate according to its scarcity and accessibility, like any other commodity.

Where can I get Dinar and Dirham?

To purchase the SC Dinar and Dirham direct from our dedicated and secure website, or you can either contact an SC authorised Wakala or any SC agent.

What is a Wakala?

A Wakala basically is a non-profit organisation responsible for spreading and distributing the Dinar and Dirham coins. It is similar to a money changer, but instead of exchanging paper for paper, they exchange paper for gold or silver. With the paper/electronic money collected from the exchange, the Wakala will buy gold and silver as soon as is possible. This is to ensure that it will not be affected by further depreciation of the paper/electronic money while in their possession, as well as to maintain a healthy supply of coins.

Is there a buy-back plan for the coins?

Yes, SC do have buy-back plans for the coins but these plans include a penalty of 5%-10% loss on the value of the coins. This is to discourage people from speculating on the coins and instead encourage them to use them in the shops and markets.

Where can we safe keep our coins?

There are many ways an individual can go about securing their valuable items. Our recommendation would be to either keep them in a safe place at your home or visit an establishment that provides services of safe deposit boxes.

Or you can use our Sunnah Currency Vault Service!

What is usury?

The classical definition of Riba (usury) is: "Any unjustified increment between the value of goods given and the value of goods received". This is from Qadi Abu Bakr ibn al-Arabi in his Tafsir Ahkam al-Qur'an. Usury is the act of financial oppression that is prohibited by most religions and abhorred by people.